Snowed in and nesting

Some no-name Nor’Easter is hitting us right now. As much as I love snow, I am kind of bummed that I can’t play in it. I almost fell on the ice 4x on Sunday so it’s probably not the best idea for me to go snowshoeing around the neighborhood. Husband would flip his sh*t if I did anyway. Guess this will have to wait until next winter.

Being snowed in isn’t the worst thing in the world right now because evidently I’m nesting. Even my husband mentioned it this morning when I was showing him all the stuff that I bought our little man yesterday. Tonight I plan to wash all the rest of the clothes. My goal is to have everything DONE by week 35. Looks like I’m right on track! Only thing I am struggling with right now is bottles. I plan to breastfeed but think I should have a few bottles on hand. He will use them eventually. How many types of bottles does Babies need to sell?!? DAY-um!

So I am been craving FOOD since I have been eating a lot of salads lately because I have so much lettuce here. Note to self; just because it is “buy one get one free” doesn’t mean you have to buy 2. Just my luck, I found some sweet taters way deep down in my veggie drawer and made my first attempt at sweet tater chips.

They weren’t too bad. I was thinking they would be hard and crispy like a bag of chips but these still had a chew to them. I’d make them again for sure. Putting a little bit of curry powder on them was a nice touch.   All I did was toss the taters in EVOO, curry powder and a little salt then lay flat on a sheet and bake at 275* for 40 minutes. Then flip over and cook for another 50 minutes. They might have been drier if I cooked them longer but I really had no patience. If I have to cook anything for longer than an hour, it is torture. Pulled pork? Forget it.

And yes, crock pot cooking isn’t exactly my favorite but I do need to do it more now that I’m gonna be a busy Mamma.


IMG_20140213_143211 (2)

Tonight’s “Snow Day” WOD:

50 Med Ball Cleans (16#)

30 Lunges

50 Knee Push-ups

30 SDLHP with KB (40#)

50 Russian KBS (40#)

….and I didn’t even get out of my PJs!



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