Feeling the love!

(Written on February 10, 2014)

What a weekend! I am definitely feeling the love, and the tight pants and swollen ankles, from the 2 wonderful baby showers that were thrown for me this weekend! Saturdays pre-baby shower WOD was appropriately assigned, “Don’t Drop the Baby” and then had some delicious nibbles after. Note to self: I NEED TO COOK MORE! To my surprise, my husband ate some of the Paleo stuff and liked it! Wha?!

Long story short, I shouldn’t beat myself up too much because pretty much all I ate was Paleo. Right? Right?!

Partner WOD: Don’t Drop the Baby

Row 100 calories

100 pullups

100 pushups

100 situps

100 squats

Row 100 calories

Note: break it up however you like. While 1 person is working, the other is holding a sandbag. (We did 50#)

Come Sunday, baby shower #2! Wonderful time with friends and family…..and pizza! I cannot tell you the last time I actually ate pizza. College maybe? It was good. So good that at one point I was drooling when I was eating it. No joke. I actually didn’t care if anyone saw it. If they did, so what, I’m pregnant. Shut up.

And this (below) is what breakfast looks like on a Monday morning after 2 days of baby showers…..

Post Baby Shower Oatmeal

It was not tasty. Quite gross actually. This coming from a girl who normally LOVES her oatmeal but that was before I got pregnant and could use my chocolate protein powder in it.

46 more days! (give or take)

Monday WOD: Fight Gone Bad!!

1 min at each station then 1 minute rest….3 rounds

Wall Balls (14#)

Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (55#)

Step-ups (because as we all know, box jumps are out right now)

Push Press (55#)

Row for calories.


I actually got 261 which is more than I got 2 years ago which was 255. It was probably the step-ups that did it. I’ll do it again later this year when I’m recovered.


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