33 weeks and 4 days…..forever to go

(Written February 11, 2014)

If you recall, last week I got the bad news that my 2nd home was closing. So I have been having little talks with myself about what I’m going to do. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would just join another gym, no question. But one problem remains; will I have the time? Will I want to give my little guy to a babysitter that early?

So I was thinking I’d buy some of the weights that they are selling since they are closing which would cost me around $500. But will I use it? While my husband made a very good point. He says the CrossFit IS my social life. I work alone, am home alone often so when I go to the box that is when I am around my people. So he was thinking I should not buy the equipment, and just join another gym. (Or do whatever makes me happy) But then my friend made a very good point as well. I might not have the time to go to another gym. The first 6 weeks I cannot work out anyway, then the next 6 weeks, I won’t want to leave my little man’s side. (Point taken)   Then when I go back to work, I tend to work 40-60 hours a week and my little guy will be with a nanny. Do I really want to extend my time away from him for another 2 hours to work out? That’s just too much.

Both have valid points.

So I asked my parents.  (Yes I’m 35 and still ask my parents the “what should I do” question)

Good thing I asked them too because evidently we have a weight set back home at the farm! And here I always called my father a hoarder because clearly that is what he is! I am told we have bumpers, clips and both long and short bars at the farm. SCORE! Brother is checking them out to make sure they are still in good shape. If so, parents will drive it out when they come to see me next month. *happy dance*

So I’m thinking, have my weights here for the days I cannot (or don’t want to) leave the house, I have my globogym membership which has daycare for the days I workout with my husband and then to begin, I will get a punch card at whichever box I decide. Once I get a handle on my schedule then I will go with the monthly membership.

Seems realistic to me.

WOD (checking out another local box)

And no. That didn’t happen. I was supposed to check out a new place but was SO uncomfortable. Couldn’t breathe, back and lungs hurt, sweaty……wait, that sounds like a WOD! But no. That was just sitting there at work. So I went home early and put my feet up. I actually had to convince myself to take the night off. No more “3 on 1 off” for me. It’s more like “1 on 1 off” lately.

So my evening consisted of canned soup and television…with my husband playing with Legos next to me.  He says it’s for our little man but I think it’s really for him



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