33 weeks pregnant and still at it

(written February 7th, 2014)

I like to take Fridays off and hang out with my husband since he is home but after devouring a chocolate bar, I feel the need to get a WOD in. Can you blame me? It was chocolate with potato chips! Normally, I would pass on stuff like that…along with breads, cereals…but this kid has me craving all the bad things. I would like to think that even though I’m eating the “bad” stuff, I’m still doing pretty good. Or at least I want to tell myself that. This is definitely my husband’s child. I’m craving all the foods that my husband tends to eat. I miss the days of following Zone but am just too tired and busy right now to do it. Plus, the foods that I tend to frequent are the ones that I DON’T want. I used to LOVE yellow and orange peppers. They were my crack. And now? *cringe*

So I kinda hate myself right now for eating that bar but whatever. I’ll get over it. At least it was the last one. I did myself a favor and cleaned out the fridge. Only my mouth was the trash can. If I can just focus on eating relatively clean for the rest of the day, I’ll go to bed happy. 6 turkey burgers have been cooked this morning and I have salad fixings in the fridge ready for me. Husband got a creamy balsamic the other day (and I don’t tend to even like balsamic) that I am fanatical over!   I’d write the brand but don’t know the rules with trademarks and blogging….yet.

So while my husband is remodeling the basement, I decided that I will check out a local Box that I have heard good things about. I need to see how the people interact with each other. While I need good programming and a great coach, I also need to have a little fun.

In closing, my recipe tester of the day which was a borderline disaster. Was in the mood for a smoothie this morning and saw a Pinterest recipe for one that called for both coconut and coffee. Both of which I love. It didn’t work for me….but then again, I also tweaked the recipe since I didn’t have everything I needed. And yes I finished it. I really cannot stand throwing away food. It has to be rotten or rancid before I will dump it.

WOD (at local box)


Russian Kettlebell Swings (1 pood)

Wall Balls (14#)

Pregnant lady burpees

Note- My pregnant lady burpees are basically the burpee without the pushups. Hands on the floor, jump feet back, jump feet in, jump in air and clap overhead.

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