Happy Memorial Day!

(Written May 26, 2014)

As I was driving home from our cabin yesterday, I was thinking about these last 13# I have to lose. Because, YES, I ate that cookie! Ever since I was about 4 months pregnant, people had been telling me to relax with my diet. Plus, anyone who follows Zone while pregnant get a huge pat on the back from me!

So I was thinking to myself, people are STILL telling me to relax with my diet now that I am breastfeeding. Which, in case you didn’t know, requires more calories a day than when pregnant. I “relaxed” a little bit and am starting to believe that this extra 13# have taken up residence on my belly, butt and thighs. Am I crying myself ot sleep and doing 5 hours of cardio a day? No. Just putting together a game plan that is in the best interest for me and the little guy.

Why the little guy? Because I dont want to make any changes to my diet that could decrease my milk supply. My little man is gaining weight like a champ!! High octane breast milk baby!!

I cannot and will not restrict calories because I already eat pretty clean. I have also been struggling a little bit with dizziness while breastfeeding. Sometimes it is much easier to grab a brownie that my husband just made than it is for me to put together a 1-2 block snack when the rooms starts to spin. Which mean I must at all times have my food stocked up. Apples, string cheese, almonds, lime greek yogurt (YUM)….those are what I grab when I’m in a rush.

Not to self, get your butt to the grocery store today

My game plan for now is one day at a time….and for gosh sakes try to say NO to the cookies that my step daughter made. And the brownies my husband made. (See what I have to put up with?!?) I’m still recuperatring from them 2 days later.

While everyone else is BBQing, drinking and doing what they do for Memorial Day, I will head over to a friends how and attempt “Murph” while her husband watches our babies.

Murph is run 1 mile then
100 pull ups
200 pushups
300 squats
then run another mile.

Update** Did a modified Murph (since I’m 8 weeks post partum and not stupid). I did all the reps broken up into 20 rounds but ran only a half mile at the beginning and the end. One other modification was made in round 11, switched from pullups to ring rows because my hands started to rip. I seem to have lost my callouses over the last 9 months. Need to build those suckers back up!

Baby is crying….got to go!


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