Loaded baked potatoes and Babies!!

(Written May 22, 2014)

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Been a little discouraged about starting a blog for the dumbest reason; I couldn’t come up with a name!!!   Finding the name is actually stressing me out! So until I figure that out, I will just save my blog entries on my USB.

Finally had our little man on March 28th at 2:12am. He came out perfect at 21 inches and 7 lbs 5 oz!  Thanks to drugs I can say without a doubt that metcons are much harder than labor.

Mommyhood has been great. Little man will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and we are having the best time. He is sleeping and eating well (I realize that I just jinxed that) and I am going back to CrossFit and following Zone.   I have been lucky enough to find a box that is flexible for me to bring him to the 10am class because it is the smallest one. On the days where there is no 10am class, my hubs or his daughter will watch our little one while I go to the evening class. I cannot even begin to tell you how great I feel. It’s amazing as a woman to be able to grow a little human being inside of you, heal up and then get back into your old badass routine. I understand that not all women have as easy of a pregnancy or delivery as I did which makes me feel even more blessed. I am nowhere near where I was before I was pregnant but I am getting there!

As for Zone, I am doing 16 blocks which is what I was doing pre-baby bump even though I’m a little heavier and have a higher BMI. The only difference is that I have added 4 blocks of carbs due to the fact that I am breastfeeding (as instructed by our Box’s nutritionist). It is too early to say how well it is working since it has only been about 2 weeks. The scale hasn’t budged BUT it hasn’t moved since I have started back into CrossFit. I need to track my progress by how my clothes fit and not the number on the scale. (I believe everyone should do the same therefore I practice what I preach)

I’ll admit, originally I said to myself that I wanted to get back to my pre-baby weight which was 157# but that has recently changed….for several reasons. First, my body composition is different. Second, my “itty bitty titties” have become boobs. Now, I don’t know how much extra weight that is although I asked my husband how much he thinks they weigh now. So, instead of being worried about the number, I just want to fit into my clothes. It’s cheaper than a new wardrobe! If the little man stays asleep after I finish writing, I’ll probably go through my closet and see if I can get anything up past my knees.

Then it hit me…..I’m nursing. How the heck am I supposed to nurse when wearing my absolute favorite maxi dress? I don’t think it’s socially acceptable to pull that dress up over my head.

The Mess

I haven’t quite been able to experiment with any cooking as much as I would like but I do what I can. The other day I was craving a loaded sweet potato, because I can’t have sweet potato fries every day!! So I took a sweet tater, poked it with a knife, wrapped in saran wrap and microwaved it for about 8 minutes until done. (can do more or less depending on size) Then I opened the baby up and topped with an over easy egg, a couple strips of bacon and avocado. Oh my damn. It was DELICIOUS!!

The egg yolk was creamy and dreamy and the bacon needs no explanation. Each bite was so heavenly that I could hear a harp playing in the background. You can bet I’ll be making this again sometime in the near future!

sweet tater


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