His ignorance isn’t bliss for me

So right after I posted my Memorial Day blog entry I came across a thread on Facebook that annoyed me to my core. One of my friends was upset because she has been training to hard but she’s still “fat” and none of her clothes fit. I always ask the same question first, how is your diet? Many don’t realize that what you eat is more important than what you do; you can’t outrun a bad diet. (I use that line way too much….but it’s TRUE!)

So this *sshole who claims to be her friend responds with “simply stop eating!”

Me: “Are you suggesting she become anorexic?”

The *sshole suggested that she stop eating just to get herself in the healthy BMI range and then “stay there”.


See, this is why I wanted to start this blog. People can be so….well maybe I shouldn’t call him stupid if he’s ignorant? So I want to respond but I know that my sister would advise me not to. Like she always says, you can’t fix stupid.

So I’ll address it on here:
We are human beings. We have a mouth, a stomache and a butthole. Therefore we are supposed to eat, digest and sh*t.

Additionally he is attempting to solve her problem with another problem. Ok, so suppose she stops eating until she hits her “healthy” BMI, then what? The poor girl needs to eat! When she finally does, she is most likely going to put all the weight back on and then some. This is not even taking into account all the other health problems she would have as a result of not eating.



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