It’s OK to cheat

Another gorgeous day here in the North East. I’m so jealous of those that are at the NE Regionals right now however I’m perfectly happy at home with my little man. He seems to have a relatively set daytime schedule which is taking his big nap in the morning. At home that is. So I took advantage of the alone time, modified a WOD and went at it.


Got my water, the WOD and the baby monitor.

6.1.14 weights

For Mothers Day, my husband made me this platform so I can workout outside without having rocks digging in my hands and knees. I absolutely love it! Unfortunately for my husband, he set the standard for all future Mothers Day’s quite high.

I got that weather proof box at BJ’s for only $89 (online only) and it holds all of my workout stuff. In there I have a 16# med ball, 20# slam ball, abmat for sit ups, 15# dumb bells, a 40# kettlebell and a jump rope. I would recommend those pieces to anyone who is looking to start working out at home. Soon I hope to add a 24” box and a pull up bar.

The Sweat

5 rounds
Run 200m
15 Kettlebell swings (40#)
5 strict chest-to-deck pushups

…and I am happy to say that after only 3 weeks of getting back into CrossFit, my 40# kettlebell is starting to feel light again!

I have the same problem that many have, I cannot afford weights at home so I stick to Metcons. *hint for future Mothers Day gifts* The weights that my parents had found at the farm were actually extremely outdated. I believe the bar couldn’t hold more than 150# and the weights were full of sand…which was leaking out. I told them to pitch it. If I wasn’t going to use it, no one was. I get to the box enough to lift anyway. Having a set at home right now isn’t exactly necessary.

The Mess

Cheat Day! Well actually, it’s Cheat Meal Day. I allow myself 1 (one)cheat meal a week and today was the perfect day for it since we went to friends’ house for a birthday party. It’s no fun to sit around and count your blocks and macros while everyone is playing, drinking and having a good time. So let loose! On my cheat days, more often than not I just don’t count my blocks for that meal. So today I didn’t. I didn’t do much damage anyway.

Many would argue whether or not you need or should have cheat meals. I’m a big advocate for it. I eat very healthy all week long, counting my blocks and staying within the parameters of the Zone Diet.…er, lifestyle. (I’m not a fan of the word diet) Sometimes I’m just hungry to my core for pineapple sherbert or a 7-block meal.

To explain the “block meal”. According to the Zone, you should not have any meals bigger than 5 blocks on any given day. So regardless of how many blocks you are to eat a day, no 1 meal is to be greater than 5. At the moment, I am doing 16 blocks a day plus 4 extra blocks of carbs because I am breastfeeding. Therefore my meals are broken down to 2’s and 4’s…all of which need to add up to 16 for that day. An example can be 3 4-block meals and 2 2-block snacks. Make sense? (The 4 extra carb blocks I can plug in anywhere I want)
* I promise to write a blog to explain Zone 🙂 Until then, you can read up on it on it here:

So to get back on the topic of cheating…the good kind….I really do believe it is good for you. Heck, good for your soul! It’s okay to indulge in moderation which is what that cheat meal is for. Want a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven? Hard cold vanilla ice cream with flecks of vanilla beans on a waffle cone? Crispy screaming hot sweet potato fries with your cheesy juicy hamburger from the grill? GO FOR IT! You deserve it! If you at that every day, would you still enjoy it? Not likely. I actually prefer to eat them as cheats because I enjoy them to much more. It becomes an experience.

It has been said that cheat meals can actually kick start your metabolism as you take in an excess calories and carbs. You know that feeling of fatigue or boredom from eating healthy all the time? When you are eating healthy, you are taking in less calories. Eating a cheat meal shocks your system and increases for you energy for your next workouts.

Last night I was craving on of my husband’s aforementioned brownies. Not just any brownie, but the chewy stale kind. Yes, call me weird but I prefer them a day or 2 old. Preferably older when they have a bite to them. Unfortunately for me, he threw them out. Crap. Popsicle it is for me.

It’s hot out anyway.

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