Like a kid in a candy store

So we decided at the last minute to go on a mini vacation this weekend in Cape Cod.  Me, my husband,  our 2 month old and 4 dogs.   Sounds relaxing right?  Its actually turning out much better than I expected.  

Vacations for me offer the most temptation.   Not because of all the eating out.  Seafood is pretty healthy if you don’t fry it…. good thing I love seafood. … and don’t care for fried stuff.   With an exception to sweet tater fries. 

Anyhoo, for some reason whenever I travel,  I want to stop at all those cute little candy stores.  (?!?)  And I don’t even eat candy at home!  So of course my husband wants to go to one and who am I to tell him no?  He’s a grown man.  Plus it said “…and nuts” and Im nuts for nuts!

This is what I see.  My husband circled the place at least 5 times making sure to didn’t miss anything.   He looked happier than a bird with a french fry.  I, on the other hand……




And I’m happy to report that I bought nothing!

Interestingly though I didn’t eat enough yesterday.   But what I did eat was on the healthy side.  Granola and coffee for breakfast,  Greek Salad with grilled scallops with a FABULOUS feta vinegarette for lunch (Marathon Seafood Restaurant and a turkey club wrap with no mayo for dinner.

Now off to enjoy day #2


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