Flying at the seat of our pants

Sorry it has been quiet here the last few days. On Friday morning my husband and I decided on a whim to pack up and head to Cape Cod for a long weekend. How could you possibly say “no” to something like that?! I’m on maternity leave and he isn’t working so why the hell not?

Packing for myself was no big deal but you have to give me props for packing for a 2 month old as fast as I did. It was an open ended trip (kinda) so I threw in about 10 outfits assuming he would spit up or have a blow out every day. A package of diapers/wipes, medicine, xuxas and a swing and he was good to go!

The 7 of us crammed in our pickup truck and headed out for our first ever family vacation. Yeah SEVEN. Me, my husband, our little man and 4 dogs. You didn’t think we would leave our furbabies behind did ya?

I will admit, I wasn’t too concerned about working out while we were on this trip. Normally when I travel, I visit local boxes, get a week long membership at a gym or go running in the park. But seeing how this was our first vacation as a family, I didn’t want to leave even if it was just for 45 minutes. I wanted to soak up every single second that I could with my new family. How often do you get to wake up and decide to pack a bag and just go? Not often.

So instead of fixating on the fact that I wasn’t going to work out for 4 days, I tried to be mindful of what I was eating. Granted, we had a kitchen in our cottage BUT seafood is just too good!! I’m not going to Cape Cod and eat what I eat every day at home. I want lobster! Scallops! Shrimp! (Yes I had my vegetables too) And it turned out that I wasn’t eating enough. Not just because I was without my kitchen but also because when my little man went to bed, I had to go to bed too. He wouldn’t sleep without me. I broke one of my own rules, “Never go to sleep hungry”.

So 5 days later we finally come back home….only because it started raining. Had the sun still been shining we would have stayed longer.
A 4 hour drive later, I made it to the box and I’m happy to report that at only 10.5 weeks post partum I hit my old snatch PR! Then tweaked my sciatic nerve working on snatch pulls. What the crap?! I’m not surprised I injured myself. I had some pretty severe sciatic nerve pain in my pre-pregnancy days which derailed my dreams of running a half marathon. Heck, I couldn’t even do a half mile! The weirdest thing is that being pregnant fixed everything! My back never felt better! Now I’m almost back to where I was before. The pain isn’t too bad, but it’s sure there. Guess I’m going to have to call my massage guy who is a spitting image of Bluto.

Injured or not, I went to the box the next day too. It was a workout I could do on my leg anyway.

The Sweat
4 rounds for time
7 handstand pushups (from a box)
14 Box jumps (20”)
21 Kettlebell swings (35#)

The last 10 KBS had me wheezing and crashing to the floor. God I love that feeling! Can’t wait to go back!

The Mess
No meals worth posting since I have been cleaning out the fridge. One more day and all my veggies would have been rotten. Glad we got home when we did because I cannot stand throwing away food!

And I’m out!

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