Before I had a baby, I loved my routine. Get up around 5am, work from home, head to the box around 3-4 (depending on meetings) then home for dinner and TV with my husband. (We are crazy addicted to Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black) It was my way everyday and I loved it.

Things sure have changed. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a Mamma. But when becoming a Mamma, your old routine goes out the door. At least for the most part. I was thinking about it this morning when my little man slept until about 7am which is late for him. Normally on Mondays I take him to the box with me for the 10am class. But because he woke up late, his nap was pushed back. So, why would I put him down for his nap at 9am only to wake him up an hour later later so Mamma can workout? That just seemed very selfish of me…and got me thinking about priorities.

Not only priorities but being able to work around his schedule. My little man needs to sleep. Actually, I need him to sleep! Okay, so I can’t go to CrossFit this morning, but the weather is nice and I have some equipment at home. Husband will be home later so if I want I can go to a class this evening while he watches our son. A friend asked me to go for a walk today. I could do that too! I also have a stack of workout DVDs in my office. Remember Tae Bo? I admit, I had fun doing Tae Bo in college.

Finding other ways to keep active is actually quite easy. The hardest part is being motivated to do it. I can write up a crap ton of workouts to do at home today but I need the extra push to lace up my shoes and actually do one.

Guess I better get moving before he wakes up!

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2 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Cassidy says:

    Loved Tae Bo!

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