If you’re happy and you know it….

Yesterday was my first day back to work. It went much better than I had expected. And yes I cried, hard. Thank goodness my mascara was waterproof. My husband had to give me a pep talk to get my butt out the door. And then cried on the way to the office. You’d think I would have grabbed a pack of tissues. Tears and snot everywhere and nothing to wipe with. Don’t tell mamma I used my sleeve.

4 hours. That’s how long I was gone. That’s why the day wasn’t so bad. I’m taking baby steps. Today I work from home and I can hear my little man cooing in the Rock ‘n Play next to me. I could get used to this, but I shouldn’t. He needs to go to daycare just as much as I need him to even though I hate to admit it. I wish he could stay with me forever and ever, but he needs the stimulation. He needs to play, grow and learn. I cannot do that for him while staring at computer screen all day.

I did get a workout in today so I’m happy about that. I hope to go for a walk later today once it cools down and the sun isn’t beating down so hard. I love our (almost) daily walks. It gives me time to really think about things.

Things like how happy I am….

It sounds so cliche, but my life feels so complete. Never did I think I could be this happy, this in love and so content with how everything has turned out for me. Well, for us. I cry sometimes because I’m so happy. I wish that everyone in the world can have this feel because it’s f*cking awesome!

I’m grateful to have a good paying job, a beautiful healthy baby boy, a patient, kind and loving husband, an amazing crazy-in-their-own-way family, precious cuddly puppies and my health. Can’t forget my health! (Isn’t that the point of this blog?) On that note:

The Sweat
I was hoping to get a good metcon in but today was strictly lifting. It was probably for the best anyway. I don’t think I have lifted enough this week.
5 sets of 2 cleans and 1 split jerk at 120#. Ew. My old PR was about 150 and this 120 was feeling VERY heavy. I’ll blame the pregnancy. Thats my excuse and I’m sticking with it.
– then –
5 sets of 2 back squats. Worked up to 175# which isn’t so bad considering my last PR (pre-pregnancy) was 195#. I’ll take it!

Finished it off when some Belgian Chocolate @NutriForce. Holy crap that stuff is good!

The Mess
A salad. Greens, ham, peppers, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, avocado, EVOO and salt.

salad at work

And, yes that is a green tomato you see. A pleasant surprise!

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