Do what you gotta do

Happy Sunday!

Little man and I have the house to ourselves this weekend.  Yesterday we attempted to go shopping for me.  Im starting to accept the fact that this last 10# is going to take a little longer to get rid of.  So in the meantime I need better fitting pants. 

Let me just say…..if a store has 10+ registers, please use them!  The line was so long I felt like it was Black Friday! They only had 3 registers open so I dropped everything and left.   I don’t have time for this.  Especially when I could pick up signals that my little man was about to start wailing. 

Got to the car just in time.   Crisis averted.

So today my plan was to workout during naptime but for some reason naptime never happened.

This however did:


Put little man in the shade and pulled the platform out.

The Sweat
20 pushups
30 deadlifts, 30# DB
25 step ups
50 KBS, 40#
50 burpees
200 double unders

Now he’s asleep.


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