The 2-day-long blog post

Another week has come and gone rather quickly. I have never been so excited for it to be Friday. Well maybe in college when I had a date but whatever. You get my point. This week has called for some serious planning. I was strategically planning each day from the second I got up at 5am until my head hit the pillow at night. The planning part didn’t turn out to be so hard. It was me trying to stay awake that was my biggest challenge.

I was able to workout 3 days this (work) week because the other 2 I was a zombie. Not even a cold shower would wake me up.

Maybe it’s just going to take me a little time to adjust to this hectic schedule. I’m eating well and exercising so I don’t know what else I can possibly do other than sleep and relax when my body is screaming for it. Take right now for example; B is sleeping and the laundry and dishes can wait. I’m going to sit here and relax while I can.

Take 2. So I jinxed it right when I typed that. B woke up, husband got home from work and the evening got away from me.

So here I am finishing this the next day (and still not rested because I was up all night with a puking dog)

The Sweat
I was playing with my schedule this week and went to the gym after I dropped B off at daycare. Since I was getting up at 5am, I was working a little in the morning to offset my gym time.

Take 3. Fell asleep 🙂
Monday 8/4
We worked for about 20 minutes to get a 1 rep max for our overhead squat. I got 145! Not bad for 4 months postpartum!
12-15-9 reps of
Overhead squats (65#)

Tuesday I’m too tired to go anywhere after work. I pick up B and we go for a walk that evening.

Wednesday 8/6
Today we did a lot of gymnastics work. Handstands, hollow rocks, slow tempo ring dips and superman holds. 4 rounds of 30 seconds each.
4 rounds of:
In 3 minutes
Run 400m and in the remaining time do as many strict push-ups as you can.
I got 40 and a mad headache

Thursday again too tired to do anything. No walk, no nothin.

Friday 8/8
Since the box is right smack in the middle of my drive to B’s daycare, when I drop him off at 8 I go straight to the box. But class doesn’t start until 9. So I went for a quick run to kill time.

We worked on our strict press. Lift fast, hold 3 seconds, lower slow and hold 1 second at bottom. Repeat 5 sets of 3. I got to 75#
5 rounds of
10 dead lifts 135#
20 wall balls #14
9:27….. and that run prior was not a good idea! I’m beat!

Take 4 (and 2 days later)
Ah heck. I’ll just wrap this one up. Hope you had a great weekend!

P.S. My legs aren’t the only things hurting.


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