Eating against the clock

So I’ve been doing great figuring out a schedule for me so I can get to the box. I’m pretty happy about that. But then I realized that I need to do a better job planning my meals. Sigh. Just goes to show you which one is more important to me. When I’m running low, I always say to myself, “I’m sure I can find something in the freezer.” But that “something” isn’t always good!

But it’s even worse when I’m running low on food AND in a hurry. This is what happens. Both of which happened on the same day.


I was in a hurry to get B to daycare and me to a meeting that I combined my lactation smoothie with my coffee. In other words, I swapped my milk for coffee. Not the brightest idea I’ve ever had.

Then, I realized I forgot a spoon for my beloved lime chobani. On the plus side, that knife forced me to eat slower.

I’m sure this isn’t the worst I’m gonna do…..

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