Just shut up and swim

Even though I swam my whole life, I’m terrified of drowning. Whenever I watch movies where people go underwater, willingly or not, I feel like I can’t breathe. I have no idea why either. So you can imaging how I’m feeling thinking about taking B for swim lessons. He needs to have them and I want him to but it still makes me nervous. I need to get over it.

I actually do enjoy swimming. So much that one day when I was in college, I was bored and decided to join the swim team. And made it. Just like that. But as of late, I haven’t swam a single lap.

A) I don’t even belong to a pool where I can swim laps
B) I don’t have time!

But for some reason when I got that Groupon today for a duathlon next month, I am so tempted to do it. A 400 meter swim and a 3 mile run. I’m thinking I can totally do that….but can I? I’ve been CrossFitting 3-4 times a week and running 3 times. Am I feeling all gung-ho and getting in over my head or can I really do this? Should I just sign up and find out? For the next 3 days, it’s only $18 bucks.

But…..or should I say “butt”?

What do I wear? There is no way I’m running 3 miles in a swim suit. I have a wedgie-prone booty. A wetsuit? How unflattering.

Good God I overthink things….

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