A week in review…in the Box


Just realized I haven’t shared my workouts from the last few days, ahem, weeks? I’ve been going! Promise!

The Sweat

Started off with some gymnastics.
3 rounds of
Box strict handstand push ups 5-10 reps
Ring Rows 5-10 reps
Plank 30-60 seconds


4 rounds for time
in 2 minutes
Row 250m then with the remaining time do 10 GHD and AMRAP burpees.
Total score is the number of burpees. My score was crazy low…like 21? I forgot to write it down

Since it was raining too hard I did a 3000m row before class


1) Power Snatch 2 reps EMOM for 8 minutes at 70-75%. I did 73#
2) Snatch Deadlift 3×3 at 95-100%. I did 115#
3) Back Squat. Heavy single. I got 195# which is my old PR.

Got to class early today so ran 2 miles and forgot to write down my time. Whoops!
Skill work was Push Press
5-4-3-2-1 building in weight. I ended at 125#


AMRAP 5 of
10 Deadlifts (155#0
10 Box Jump overs (24″)
Rest 5 minutes then
15 Wall Balls (14#)
30 Double Unders

Score was 3 rounds +1 and 3 rounds +28 respectively

Got to class early again and ran 2 miles, This time got it in 19:06 (I never said I was fast)
We did more gymnastics work today. 3 rounds of:
5-10 Strict Box handstand pushups
30 second hollow rock
10-15 ring rows
30 second arch rock


In 2 minutes:
Run 200m then AMRAP burpee box jumps
rest 2 minutes. 4 rounds.
I got 43. My 200m run was very consistent. In fact, each round was a little faster.

Got to class early and decided to Row 4000m (20:11) because todays WOD involves running

Run 1 mile for time. Got 7:39 which was 12 seconds faster than last time but still not my PR.


Row 12 calories
10 Medball pushups
25 air squats
5 strict chin ups (red band)

And lastly…..

Ran ~1.3 miles in 13:38

Evens 3 touch-n-go Power cleans at 115#
Odds 1 ring dip then a 20 second ring hold


50 Wall Balls 14#
40 Burpees
30 pullups
20 GHD situps
10 (kipping) handstand pushups

I’m sweating just reading this. I’m surprised I still have my handstand pushups and pullups. I’m going to credit the ring rows that I did while I was pregnant. You may think nothing of it, but ring rows with an extra 43# on my midsection was not very easy. I think since I continued to sub those for my pullups, I was able to keep the strength in my arms.

And may I add, that since I have added running to my routine, I have FINALLY broken that plateau and knocked another 7# off. 7 more to go and I’m at my pre-pregnancy weight.

*Happy dance!*

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