Avocado….I forgive you

I apologize for what I said when I was hangry. Last week I banished avocados from my house.   Seems every freakin time I buy them,  they are brown inside with little parts so hard they won’t separate from the pit.  Seed.  Whatever.

So I had 2 sitting on my counter annoying the hell out of me when I had an ah-ha moment;  Mammas healthy avocado dressing that I posted a month or so ago.  

Then of course I messed up the recipe.   (I’m tired.  Cut me some slack) But my mistake was delicious!


In a blender combine:
2 over ripe avocados
About a cup of water
4 T of lemon juice
1 tsp garlic salt
2 tsp cumin
Pepper to taste

Lord have mercy, I can’t wait until dinner! Just need to figure out what I’m going to slather this on.

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3 thoughts on “Avocado….I forgive you

  1. Ema Jones says:

    This can be paired with any bread, yummzz πŸ˜›

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