Working out with friends

I needed a little excitement…and wanted to see some old friends so I went to a nearby box that was having a Friends and Family Day for those that wanted to see what CrossFit was all about. Of course I know what it’s all about, I just wanted to see some familiar faces that I hadn’t seen much since my box closed.

So at CrossFit Unlimited Potential we did….
EMOM 15 minutes of
AMRAP pullups (I did 3 strict with no band)
AMRAP pushups (I did 10’s then 9’s)
20 Lunges

(After you finish your movement, you rest the remainder of the minute)


40 seconds of burpees followed by 20 second rest. I forgot how many rounds but it was a lot!


10 minutes to do 300 box jumps. *GASP!* Say what!? I only did 148 but at least I tried!

What a nice change of pace 🙂


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