I almost feel guilty

Its Saturday.  I LOVE the weekends….cherish the weekends actually.  My time with B is precious and I want to have as much fun with him as I possibly can. 

But you know,  sometimes I need to get some stuff done.   C, my stepdaughter, is back from a trip abroad and wanted to watch B while I went to the gym.  Fine by me!

So as I’m figuring out my workout,  I realize I should probably run some errands instead.

So I throw on an oversized sweatshirt (yay for fall!) and head out the door.

Where to go first?  B isn’t with me so I can do whatever I want.

Husbands dry cleaning needs to be picked up, I need more protein powder, need food from the grocery store….oh man, now I’m hungry.

Protein powder can wait.  So I pick up the dry cleaning and on my way to the grocery store

Wait….hold the phone….back it up….I’m gonna get an eff’in PEDICURE! 

So I run to Walgreens and grab a Zone Bar so I don’t pass out because yes I feel that hungry. 

So hear I sit, having my toesies pampered.  And let me tell ya, it was NEEDED. 

Moral of the story, mommies need “me” time.  And I’m laughing as I type this because the woman next to me looks about 8 months pregnant. 

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