Cleaning out the freezer

So next week I am starting a 28 day challenge with a few people from my gym. And no it’s not Shakeology or Advocare. This involves delicious wholesome food and lots of it. I have been on the Zone for quite a few years and it’s been great but I feel like I need a fresh start.

I am by NO means complaining! I actually did my body fat measurement earlier this week and I’m at 18%-19% which is pretty good! And I’m only about 5 lbs more than before I got pregnant. Performance at the gym is great and I’m back to hitting my old PR’s!

Even if I lost that last 5 lbs, I’m still going to have that post baby jiggle. My body composition is different, as I expected too. Not everyone bounces back in 30 days like the supermodels do. *major eye roll*

So with this challenge, I get to see a Nutritionist who is also a trainer at my Box. Basically my meal plan is similar to Zone but portion sizes are a tad bigger. (Score!) I’m pretty excited to try out new meals. My current meal plan is getting a bit boring. Only thing that I am going to struggle with is no fruit in the evenings. Yes, the struggle is real.

So until this challenge starts, I am cleaning out my freezer. And by cleaning, I mean eating. I had a leftover zucchini lasagna that my sister froze for me when B was born. Just threw that baby in the oven yesterday…holy cheesy goodness.

I took a chance and licked the cheese off the aluminum straight out of the oven. No injuries!

The Sweat
No running before class today but instead did some back and core work before class started.
We did a little gymnasty work today.
EMOM 10 Alternating movements:
Strict Toes to Bar (sub knees to elbows) 7-10 reps
Ring Rows 5-7 reps


3 rounds for time of:
21 Box Jumps 20″
12 Chest to Bar
Run 400 m

…and may I add this was in the rain which was awesome! Many complained but I actually prefer running in the rain and snow. Weird? Maybe.

Ran 2 miles before class today then did some mobility work.
Started class off with a little snatch. *giggle*
EMOM 8 of:
1 power snatch + 1 snatch balance + 1 overhead squat at some where around 85#.

Snatch pulls – 3×3 at 110#


AMRAP 8 of:
5 dumbbell thrusters (30# each hand)
10 burpees

By Thursday, I was draggin’ *ss. My brain was saying “Yippee! Let’s workout!” but my body was saying “HELL NAH!”. So I didn’t. And the hour nap I took in place of gym time was amazing. It was one of those naps where you are snoring before your head hits the pillow.

I gotta get one more in before the weekend since my weekend workouts are never guaranteed.

Ran a quick mile before class then worked on mobility
Clean grip (double overhand) deadlifts. 2 reps every 2 times x 5 at 215#


3 rounds of
25 Wall Balls (14#)
Run 200m
10 Hang Power Clean (95#)
Rest 2 minutes

Aim for unbroken sets. 10:59.

Now I need to recruit the help of Google. Regretfully I was ad-libbing “I’ve been working on the railroad” to B this morning. I forgot who shouted “Dinah blow your horn” so I need to brush up on my children’s songs.

Enjoy the weekend!

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