A meal from the farm

Real quick post today while I have a minute. Working from home with B. He got his 6 month shots this morning, thank goodness for Tylenol!

So today’s lunch is brought to you by….my Dad. I completely forgot that my parents brought me some frozen meat and canned vegetables when they came to town in February. Jackpot! I’m gonna make me some venison!

So I trimmed all the fat off the meat and cut into bite size pieces. Browned in a pan with EVOO before putting about a cup and a half of my Dad’s “holy shit that’s spicy!” tomato juice.

Seriously though. That’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth every time I drink it.

Oh, and a splash of whoosh-cher-sheer, wore-chester-shire or however you say it. (Worcestershire to those that don’t get it)

Let it simmer for awhile before taking the lid off and letting that spicy tomato goodness reduce and thicken. (Salt as needed) Oh my, this is good! Served with a little avocado to offset the heat in this dish.

Then heated up some of my Dads canned green beans. This dish is making me homesick!

Since none of you have my Dads “holy shit that’s spicy!” tomato juice, V8 makes has a spicy one that I think can work.


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