Time flies whether you are having fun or not

Time sure got away from me this week! If you asked me how this week went, I could say, “oh you know…the same old same old.” But I’d be lying. Yes I go to work everyday but there is nothing routine about it. Last minute meetings, contractor issues, passed deadlines…..its never-ending And of course there is nothing routine about being a mommy either.

I sign up to attend class just about everyday but when B decides to puke up his bottle and at the same time the dogs crap in the house and I spill coffee down the front of my shirt and forget to eat breakfast….those are the mornings that don’t go exactly as planned. How could you expect it to?

Since I am not working out as much as I would like to, I have been putting more focus on food. Ever hear the saying, “abs are made in the kitchen”? It’s true. While everyone who knows me knows I love raw peppers, I needed a break. I needed something different.


I rediscovered celery and peanut butter. Only instead of peanut butter I use sunflower seed butter. I don’t remember liking it this much when I was younger!


Have also started drinking flavored sparkling water with stevia and fresh lime. When I was pregnant I could not stand water. At all. So gross. And unfortunately it seems to have carried over to the present. I still can’t really stand water but I choke it back anyway.

The Sweat

Monday 9/29 I missed class this morning because B had his 6 month appointment. Which means he gets his shots. He ended up staying home with me because he always gets fussy after. I don’t want to drop him off at daycare. When he isn’t feeling good, he wants Mamma. Didn’t you when you were younger? To this day, I still want my Mamma when I’m not feeling good. Yes I realize I’m 35. And no I don’t care.

My step-daughter C ended up coming over in the evening so I was able to go workout…and this is what it was…

1 behind the neck push-jerk + 2 push-jerks from the front x 5 (climbing) My last PR was 145# but today I got 135# which blew me away. That means my PR has to be much higher now. Can’t wait to find it!


5 Rounds of 15 wall balls 10 toes to bar 5 power cleans at 105#

Tuesday 9/30

I ran 2 miles before class today but forgot my watch so I have no idea how long it took me. What’s important is that I ran. I don’t HAVE to time myself every time.

Then we did a gymnastics circuit cycling through each movement 3x each resting about 30-60 seconds in between movements

a) Strict chin ups – 5 reps. I had to use a small band.

b) handstand holds – 30 seconds

c) Strict ring dips – 10 reps. Again with the same band.

d) Arch holds – 20 seconds

-then –

4 rounds of 5 chest to bar pull-ups 10 hand release push-ups 15 jump squats run 200 meters Rest 2 minutes between rounds. I was somewhere around 13-14 minutes.

Thursday 10/2

No run was done today. I was crazy tired all of a sudden and it was drizzling. I could fall asleep standing up.

EMOM x 10 minutes alternating movements

5 inverted ring rows

10 v-tucks


AMRAP 5 minutes

5 handstand push-ups (started kipping on the wall then transitioned to the box)

7 KBS 55#

9 box jumps 24″

rest 3 minutes x 2 rounds

Now it’s Sunday 10/5 and I’m happy to report I am now 2# away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I am not working out nearly as much as I used to but I am watching my food intake. I cannot stress enough how important your diet is.

You ARE what you eat

Food IS medicine

Abs ARE made in the kitchen

….got any more?

So today as soon as my husband wakes up, he is going to watch B and I plan to go for a nice long jog in this cool fall weather. The smell of the leaves and burning fireplaces makes me so happy. And whats more? My house smells like the pulled pork that is cooking in my oven now.

image Its wrapped up like a present. A present that I will open in about 4 hours.

I don’t think today can get any better 🙂

Oh wait! Yes it can! I found a pretty good pumpkin chai latte to make at home. Check it out and make it for yourself! http://practicalnutrition.com/category/recipes-for-good-health/seasonal/halloween/


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