Not so plain oatmeal

I used to hate oatmeal.  And by hate I mean REALLY hate it.  The kind of hate where a person gags and dry heaves every time they hear that word.   I don’t even remember how I convinced myself to try it “just one more time” but for some reason or another,  I like it now.   Skip the flavored packages,  I add my own flavoring.   Not only is it obviously healthier but its more fun.  Have you ever seen chocolate oatmeal sold in the store? 

I haven’t.

So this cold November morning I wanted a hot sweet breakfast and cinnamon rolls don’t exactly fit my macros.  Nor do they fill me up.  So chocolate oatmeal it is! Still needed some extra carbs and fat do I added half a banana and unsweetened coconut flakes.  


I always add my chocolate protein powder while its still on the stove (heat off) just in case I need to add more water.  When adding protein powder,  you will definitely need more water than if you were just making regular boring oatmeal. 

Then pour into a bowl and top with half a banana and 2 tablespoons of coconut.

Seriously, oatmeal is like a blank canvas.   You can top with just about anything.   Give it a try.  You might end up liking oatmeal like I did!

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