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Holy crap am I behind!  All of a sudden I’m slammed with chores, errands, deadlines…you name it.  Once again, blogging took the back burner.   One of my biggest dilemmas as of late, my creative juices have stopped flowing. I can be jogging before CrossFit and I’ll have a brilliant topic to blog about, but then when I get to the computer, I forgot what it was.  Why can’t I be filthy rich and hire a note taker to run along side me?  If only.  Until then, I’ll make do with what I have….mommy-brains.

So like I said, crazy busy.  I had a pretty good handle on things, balancing work, being a mommy, working out and then a few high priority projects hit my desk….at….the….same….time.  Meeting conflicts kept me from going to CrossFit in the morning.  I was NOT happy but I did what I could.  2 days had passed and I hadn’t worked out.  By the 3rd day (Monday), I threw my papers in the air, said f*ck this and hit the pavement.  By the time I was done with that 4 mile run, things made better sense and I was able to be productive again.

Tuesday, another conflict and I couldn’t get to the gym.  Ever heard of  Awesome website!  Lots of free yoga sessions to chose from ranging from beginners to advanced; 10 minutes to over an hour!   I cleared the floor in my tiny office, laid down my yoga mat and did 2 yoga sessions.  I barely had enough room to move around but at least I got a stretch in.  Speaking of which, this is my current project.  I have to convert this tiny unkempt home office into a organized office/yoga room.  Send ideas my way.  And by that, I mean inexpensive ones.  Preferably FREE 🙂

Wednesday, I was deadset on getting to the gym.  Thankfully the owner of my box let me do my own thing before class.  I had yet another meeting in the morning so I tried to bang out a quick one.  I did a 2 mile run (PR’ed it again!!!!! 17:07) and then attempted the following….and didn’t finish.  Eff.

The Sweat

EMOM 16 minutes
Odd minute: 25 double unders and 10 box handstand pushups
Even minute: 25 double unders and 10 pistols (5 each leg)

Clearly this WOD was a joke…or I read it wrong because I failed miserably!  I ended up stopping at 10 minutes because by minute 4 I wasn’t able to finish each movement within the given minute.  But you know what, I’m over it.  I’m not great at everything nor have I ever claimed to be.  Silver lining – I was finally at the gym.

Which brings us to today, Thursday November 13th.  Finally was able to attend a class this morning.  Short and sweet

Did some muscle-up work which I have been trying to master for 3 going on 100 years.  Will I ever get it?!

– then –

An ascending ladder of:
2 handstand pushups
2 Power snatch (85#)
20 double unders
4 handstand pushups
4 power snatch (85#)
40 double unders

continue adding 2 reps and 20 DU.  5 minute rounds, 2x with a 3 minute rest.  Start where you left off.

I got 4 rounds and 11 reps.  In other words, I got through the 8 reps and 80 DU and just began the 10’s.

That aside, I have to share my new favorite snack.  Move over avocado, mamma has a new favorite fat!!!  Have you had these Castelvetrano Green Olives?  I never really liked olives but Lord have Mercy!  Why I never…..

The fact that the jar is almost empty shows you how much I love these.

Another yummy find…piri piri and sriracha pepper flakes. Im on a serious spice kick lately.

and some of this spice made its way into my roasted cauliflower and red pepper soup. Recipe to follow…

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