Running in New England

Its possible that running on a Sunday morning in 30* weather is my favorite time to run.  If you dress appropriately, you won’t be cold at all. The only thing that would have made my run better is if it was snowing.

But first, let me get the serious stuff out of the way so I can finish this one a fun note.

Don’t assume that because you are following all the rules (running on the sidewalk or on the shoulder against traffic) that you are safe on the road.  You need to use your eyes and your ears.  I definitely use my eyes because if you recall, I’m deaf.

To the dude driving that huge diesel pick-up truck with big ass side mirrors.  Slowing down does me no good.  Drive AROUND runners!  The difference between me getting hit in the face with your side mirror at 40 MPH as opposed to 10 MPH isn’t much.

So back to the fun stuff.  Like I said, if you dress right when running in cold weather, the only thing that will be cold is whatever is exposed on your face..and maybe the tips of your fingers.  I have gone from Missouri, to upstate NY, to Denver and currently in New England and let me tell you, I have picked up a thing or two. But the 2 most important tips I can give you are this:

1) Wear layers
2) Never wear cotton

The reason layers are important is so you can gradually take them off when you start to warm up.  The trick is to take off the layers BEFORE you start to sweat.  Being out in the cold, the last thing you want is to be cold and wet.  Start by taking off your gloves….then pull back your hood….then unzip the top of your jacket….you get the point.

The reason you never wear cotton is because as I learned living in Colorado, “cotton kills”.  You want to wear clothes that pull the moisture away from your body.  When cotton gets wet, it just sticks to your body and gets colder and wetter.  No thank you.

So today’s running attire wasn’t cute and color coordinate by any means. In this weather I aim for warm and comfortable layers.

My shoes; fit.
My pants; warm and comfy. I bought these Adidas polyester/spandex pants when I was being ready to do my first 14er in 2003! To this day, still the best cold weather pants. (Other than my ski pants). They don’t ride, sag or chafe in any way. Id swear these pants have a 14 way stretch, if that was possible. I’d post a link but these pants are almost 12 years old. Doubt they sell them anymore.
My shirt; long and tight under armour. Again, living in Colorado I got this under garment for when I went skiing. It stays put and draws moisture away from the body. Long story short, I don’t like to ski but this shirt is perfect for running and snowshoeing.
My jacket; warm fleece from a place you’d probably never guess. H&M. Honestly never thought I’d wear it running but its just too darn warm to wear around the house!
My hat; pink North Face with a built in sweatband. Ive owned many hats but this one has to be the best. Its cute and functional.

Now for gloves. I just wore what I had and my fingers got cold. Why? Because they were gloves and not mittens.

Hear me out.

Little piece of useful info I picked up. Mittens tend to be warmer than gloves. Why you ask? Because of your body heat. If you keep your fingers together, your body heat keeps them warm. Separate them, in gloves, and they will most likely be colder. Which is why 90% of the time when I wear gloves, I tend to roll my hand into a fist in the palm section of the glove (leaving the thumb where it is)

Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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