Merry Christmas!!

Sorry it’s been quiet around these parts. Remember when I said I was getting burnt out? Well, for the holidays I went to Florida with the family (my side) and did nothing but play, eat, drink and visit. No schedule to follow. No food to track. No pants to fit into. Just enjoying myself….and it was just what I needed.

Came back to the East Coast and am raring to get a nice sweat going. But first, I have to share what I got from Santa.

First, I got a Universal Foldable Keyboard which I am typing on right now. I synced this sucker up with my iPad and it’s making blogging SO much easier! Only flaw is that the letter “B” is on the wrong side so I can’t easily hit it with my left finger. Oh well.

Before we opened our gifts today, my husband has a tradition where he always has cinnamon rolls Christmas morning. I refuse to eat them out of a pop can so I decided to make them myself using store bough raw pizza dough. I can’t believe how easy these things are to make.

Roll out the dough, spread softened butter all over, sprinkle brown sugar liberally (don’t forget the edges!) and then sprinkle cinnamon. Cut into 8 pieces and place in a greased pan. Cook at 350* until done.

While that was in the oven I mixed together 2 cups of powdered sugar with 1 tsp of vanilla extract and 4 Tblsp on milk.

Drizzle, pour, slather, dump the icing all over the rolls while they are still warm.

However if you want to have a little fun with it…..before you roll the dough…..take some bacon that you have cooked half way, lay them on the dough and then roll. I wanted to try this but I didn’t coordinate my time appropriately and my husband gagged when I mentioned it. So, a side of bacon it is!

So while the food was cooling off, we opened our gifts. Of course B got a TON of stuff. As first borns should. I definitely got what I wanted even thought I was not at all expecting it. A Bob jogging stroller! Holy crap that threw me off guard. Just when I always think my husband isn’t listening to me, he really is. No more excused that I cannot run because I have a baby. B’s got a new set of wheels!

So then guess what I did? C’mon guess.

I signed up for my first half marathon. Ah hell. What did I get myself into?!? I have until June 7th to train anyway.

So after 1 (or 2) too many cinnamon rolls and finally got B to sleep, I decided to put together a Christmas Chipper. Not the hardest, but I need to work some of this energy off.

No time for rest! The in-laws on their way over and I need to start cooking. I’ve got a ham in the oven and going to make baked sweet potatoes and steamed aspargus. I could use a vegetable or two right now.

Happy Holidays!

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