Mild mommy-brains

Im writing this blog in the parking lot of Aldi while B sleeps.   I’m meeting a woman to buy her “snuggle me” stroller cover so B can keep warm during our runs.  Im about 20 minutes early so I figure I could write one out real quick.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find my former coach coaching my morning class.   WHOOPIE!  He really guns my engine when we work out together.   Ever since we met 5 years ago, we have been competing against each other.   A little healthy competition is good for you.

But first, I had to part with Whip.  He had a good run but it was time to go.  No amount of athletic tape or bandaids is going to bring him back. Out with the old, in with the new.

Yesterday we worked on our Clean & Jerks.  I’d like to say I’m back to my old PR because I was doing 70% and 80% comfortably.  Even so, would love to get that PR moving up a little bit.  But I do applaud myself that i am back to my old PR’s at 9 months postpartum.

This WOD took me a little longer than it should have and with good reason.  Remember Whip?  Well I replaced him with a thicker rope and holy sh*t that messed up my double unders!  Not only was I tripping up (because the rope is heavier) but I was whipping the crap out of my forearms!  I should have taken a picture of the welts.  NOT. FUN.

Now it’s Saturday and I decided to go talk to LA Fitness about their membership fees on those days where I cannot get to the box.  Like today….and every Saturday.  So I’m not going to go into boring detail about the membership…but I was able to do sprint intervals on the treadmill.  90 seconds of work and 30 second break x 10.  I kept it at 7.5 and 2.5 respectively.  I think I can bump up the sprint next time but I wanted to see how I did on this one first.  These running drills are a part of my half marathon training.

So now back home because running errands got cut short.  Well actually, let me rephrase that.  I got everything organized for running errands today; the receipts and the stuff that needed to be returned.  Got B fed, put the dogs away and headed out when I realized, I only brought the receipts but not the stuff.  Crap.

And forgot my stroller.   F*ck.

Perfect timing too because as I get us inside it’s starts to snow.  Gorgeous, beautiful white fluffy snow.  A steaming hot bowl of homemade chili with avocado sure hit the spot.

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