Brain possibly turning to mush…..

Thank goodness for smartphones. This one is being written from the car while my husband runs in the store to return Christmas gifts. So I’m seizing the moment!

I had some pretty serious mommy-brains last week. I don’t feel tired, but I must be.
– Using my turn signal when there is a curve in the road
– Tried to use the mouse from my work computer on my iPad
– Tried to use my cars’ keyless entry for the garage door
– When getting ready to shower, turned the sink faucet on
– Put moisturizer on my face before I washed it.

And the good news is, we are all alive!

Below are the workouts from the week. Rather than having to write it down again, I figured I’d just take a picture of it! Good luck reading my writing, especially after heavy lifting.


This one I decided to add a little CrossFit Endurance before class. Rowing drills..



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