Take that and shove it….up your nose

I cannot seem to warm up around these parts so you can be for damn sure I’m not going running!  Can’t remember if I mentioned it earlier but I have started to incorporate CrossFit Endurance into my WOD.  Since I refuse to run in this weather, I am doing rowing drills instead.  Once the mercury gets above 35* then I will consider hitting the pavement again.

But for now, FORGET IT!

It’s Thursday and I have gotten 3 workouts in.  That makes me a happy Mamma.  On top of that, I’m doing a 10-day cleanse so I’m feeling pretty good!  For 10 days no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol and no sugar.  Not too bad.  I’m missing coffee right now only because I’m cold.  Not because I’m tired.  I tried sipping on hot water with lemon.  Gag.  Anyone who says they enjoy that is lying!  Throw a few spoons of honey in there and then we’ll talk.



Notice that PR?  That totally made my morning.  Last time I did a 5000m row was around October and I got 23:36.  I was aiming for 23:00 and to my surprise, 21:28!  I’ll aim for 21 next time and we will see what happens.

Made a discovery yesterday, with the pellet stove running 24/7, the air in this house is D.R.Y.  So of course my nose is paying the price.  Painful, cracked and dry.  Even bloody at times.  TMI, I know…but it’s MY blog!  Before I got in bed last, took a little bit of coconut oil and stuck it right up my nose.  No joke.  Seemed to do the trick.

Speaking of which, I could use some more right now.

Stay warm!!

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