Not very happy with Punxsutawney Phil

We still have quite a bit of snow around here. An annoying mix of cabin fever and winter blues are hitting and it didn’t help that the damn groundhog predicts another 6 weeks of winter. Normally I love winter but this one is definitely different….as was expected. Even though I expected it, doesn’t mean I know how to handle it.

Even though I have my new Bob jogger, still can’t take the little guy out. There are no sidewalks. Almost solid ice out there and the shoulder has about 3+ feet of snow. Pass.

Even though I have my snowshoes, can’t take the little guy snowshoeing. Not so much the cold weather…..well, yes the cold weather doesn’t help. But I’m much more likely to fall over snowshoeing while carrying B. Not a good idea.

So today was the first day that we made it to Mommy and Me Bootcamp. The only reason they held class today was because we have a storm coming tomorrow. Mommy and Me tends to be on during the week. Not something us full time working mammas can pull off that easily.

It was a great time! It took place at the mall before the stores opened so we had plenty of room to move around. Started at the stairs then we did floor exercises near the end of the wing where our babes couldn’t run away. Different plank exercises, pushups, lunges, running, high knees, sit-ups, bridges, you name it. B enjoyed watching everyone too.

We will be back. Once I figure out how.

Otherwise, if this snow keeps coming down at the rate it is, I will have to keep doing body weight movements in the office. It’s not fun. But at least I’m moving!

Managed to get a TABATA in earlier this week.  B was loving on my abmat and wasn’t too happy when I took it away so I can workout.  So I always try to get him involved in what I do.  So if I’m doing sit-ups, I sit him on my stomach facing me.  Unfortunately he only enjoys it for about a minute.


(TABATA is 20 seconds of work then a 10 second rest x 8 rounds.  So in other words, 4 minutes for each movement)


Last weeks WODs.  I forgot to write one down and I cannot for the life of me remember what it was.  I only have enough room up there to remember the important stuff.  Like how to change a diaper and drive a car.

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