Coffee and the Winter Blues

More snow in the forecast.  Really?!  I guess at this point, what does it matter?  Seeing how it’s 0* outside, I’m staying in anyway.  If this keeps up, I’m not joining my Mommy and Me running group the last Sunday of February.

I definitely have the winter blues.  I have been getting myself out of the house a little bit better lately so I’m getting over Cabin Fever.  I met up with a few of my mommy friends and as horrible as it sounds, it’s comforting knowing that they are struggling just as I am.  Am I awful?

So this week I was able to workout 4 times (so far) and I’m happy about that.  Guess what else I found?  The harder I workout, the better my milk comes in.  Open “bar” for B!!

Seeing how the Open is upon us, we have been throwing some old Open WODs into the mix.  Now just need to find my old times and see how I compare.  (And no I am not signing up this year)


On 2/11 we did Isabel.  Having been doing CrossFit for over 6 years, I know I’ve done it before but cannot find my old time.  So I guess this is my PR until I find it.  Couldn’t do the 95#.  I can lift 95# but not 30 times.


Everyone who knows me, knows I love mint.  Especially peppermint bark.  Whenever I go visit my sister, she tends to have the peppermint bark coffee creamer in her fridge.  Boy, do I do HAM on that stuff!  Well, imagine how excited I was when I found this peppermint bark coffee at Marshalls.  And yes, I bought them out.  Much healthier than adding the creamer although the creamer DOES taste better.

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One thought on “Coffee and the Winter Blues

  1. Jennifer Sangster says:

    The snow is lovely. Even we have it in St. Louis now.

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