Already a troublemaker

At only 10 months, B is already a little troublemaker.  I will be sitting there breastfeeding when all of a sudden my little guy will smile and giggle.  At first I thought it was cute….and then he bit my nipple. Very slowly he bites harder and harder and harder.  He thinks it’s funny when Mamma shrieks.  From the look on his face, it’s as if he already knows what premeditated means.


I tried out my NANOspikes on Sunday after we had a gorgeous snow storm. We got another 5″ or so on top of the several feet that we already have and it wasn’t that cold out at all.  Everyone was staying home and shoveling their driveways so I thought I would take that chance to try out the spikes.

I didn’t like ’em.

I’m sure they serve a purpose when worn in the right conditions but every time I hit some pavement it was not comfortable.  If it was solid ice out there I’m sure I would get a different review but we didn’t have enough for me to justify wearing them.  So I took them off about 800 meters into my run and ran the rest of the 3 miles with them in hand.

Will I keep them?  It’s not looking that way.  The toe strap wasn’t all that comfortable either..and imagine going several miles with that strap digging in your big toe.  No bueno.

Years ago I owned a pair of shoes that had the same little spikes on the bottom.  I actually bought those shoes for when I did my first 14-er outside of Denver.  Mt. Democrat I believe it was.  I really hope I still have those shoes out in the garage.  Every time I get rid of things I haven’t worn in a few years, I always end up needing them a few months later.  Drives me up the damn wall!

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