Mamma’s day off

I finally got a day off! I hope I don’t jinx this.  Originally the plan was to book a nice long massage and then a mani/pedi.   That went out the window when my dog got an infected anal gland and had to go to the vet.  

Plan B, at least get the pedi.

So here I sit in the nail salon getting my toes worked on.  The day so far has been great; slept in until 715am, Crossfit now a pedicure.  And what’s  more??  Today is the first day of spring!


This morning was my sorry attempt at 15.4.  7 whole reps!  Geez.  But I finished it off with 8 minutes of rowing. I’d go for a run but I didn’t dress appropriately and it’s  supposed to snow.  Ironic, eh?  You know,  with it being the first day of spring.  

Even though its been quiet, my half marathon training is going okay.   Let me rephrase;  it’s been quiet “on here”.  Its been the complete opposite at home which is why I was due for a day off.  Still managing 4 days of Crossfit with sprint drills and running thrown in there.   Now just need to reasses my eating since I’ll be running more once the weather gets warmer. 

Oh shit….hold on.  She’s massaging my calves…………………………………………………

And, I’m back.

So I noticed this week that my food is starting to resemble the garbage plate that some diners have.  I have no energy to cook so I just pile everything together and you will be surprised how some combinations taste great together.  


Speaking of weird combinations,  I saw a burger with peanut butter, sriracha, cheddar cheese and bacon.

Next cheat day?

Here we have a sweet potato and sauteed green beans topped with 80/20 beef and avocado.   And of course I ALWAYS top my avocado with garlic salt. 

Easy, delicious and healthy. 

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