Chia Seed Puddin’

C’mon now.  We have all heard of “mommy brains” but this is just ridiculous!  Not only am I making stupid careless mistakes left and right; I sometimes find it incredibly hard to string 2 words together!  Sorry B, no story telling any time soon. I’m sticking with a script.

I was at the doctor on Tuesday because my ear has been hurting.  I swear it took me a good minute to say 1 sentence….and the look on the doctors face when I was trying to get my point across didn’t help much.  This can’t be just a sleep deprived thing which I’m happy to report that my sleep HAS been getting better.  But it’s because I have 1 eye on B at all times which makes doing ANYTHING a struggle.

Then I get home and I’m reading the instructions for applying my ear drops to my ruptured infected eardrum and it says to warm the bottle between the palms of my hands before applying.  What do I do?  I skip that very important step and proceed with putting it in my ears.  Little did I know at that time that cold ear drops can make you sick.  And boy did it!  I was nauseous for a good 10 hours after applying.  Then got sick again in the morning.  For the love of god, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

It wasn’t until my sister told me the cold ear drops is what was making me so sick.  I honestly thought I was pregnant again.

Still moving around as much as I can.  I’ve actually been getting a little thicker *groan* but performance has been great.  I need to get my shit together again and start measuring my foods.  I’ve gotten lazy in that regard and it’s evident.  On the plus side, it’s only a few pounds but it feels like 10.  Lets nip this one in the butt….I mean the bud.

So…food!  I experimented this week and made something delightful.  Ever had chia seed pudding?  It’s an acquired taste.  Well, the taste was great but the texture takes some getting used to.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Seed Puddin’
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 scoop chocolate Nutriwhey protein powder
2 tblsp peanut butter powder like PB2
1/4 cup chia seeds

Mix the above together and then set aside for 20 minutes.  (on the counter or fridge)  This will give the chia seeds time to thicken.  When ready, I added 8 walnut halves, crushed.


Delightfully delicious

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