Trading wild nights out for diaper duty

Long time, no blog.  Sorry.  It’s no fault but my own.  I’ve been thinking about this topic for awhile now and it’s time I just wrote about it.  Maybe I’ll feel better. Maybe I’ll feel worse.  Maybe nothing will change.

We will see.

Being a mom is very lonely.  Isolating if you will.  Don’t interpret that to mean that I don’t LOVE being a mom.  B has taught me love like to other and I enjoy every single second that we have together. Every breath….every giggle….every burp and fart.  I love it all.

I’m still me.  Ok, yeah I might forget an appointment, show up with dried spit up on my shoulder, have black circles under my eyes, put my shirt on inside out and my hair resembling a rats nest but I’m still the wacky, fun-loving, perverted me that everyone has grown to love.  So why is my Facebook wall full of friends out having a great time at dinner or having drinks while I sit at home?  I’m come to conclude that they “assume” I would say I can’t go.  Having come to that conclusion makes me feel a little better. It would be nice to still get an invite every once in awhile and let me decide if I can go or not.

So that got me down and I’m still picking myself up.  I stood up and said, “Fuck it”.  Yeah, “Fuck it”.  (Sorry Mamma.  I’ll grab a bar of soap later)  I’m just going to plan these outings myself.  I might not throw a kegger and order a shot ice luge, but I’ll still find a way to make it fun.

I don’t really miss hangovers anyway.

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