The Long Run

I dreaded it.  I really did.  I haven’t run more than 5 or 6 miles in years.  Suffered from sciatic pain which, believe it or not, went away when I was pregnant.  I’m still scratching my head on that one.  But part of my half marathon training is that I need to go on one long run a month.  Not a week, a month.  That’s not too bad.

I planned my long run when I went back home to St Louis for work.  That way my parents would watch B and I would attempt 8 miles. I’m pleased to say that I did it and would have kept going if time wasn’t an issue.  The run was SO easy!  I credit 2 things:

a) CrossFit Endurance.  I have been doing their running and rowing drills about 3x a week since about January. Simply stated; It. Works.  This explains why I’m eating carbs like a pregnant lady

b)  Running through my old stomping grounds brought back so many memories.  We have had this house since 1979 so it’s definitely full of memories.  Just about every few steps I had a flashback

Where I snuck out and had my first cigarette……..where my sister tried to lie her way out of a ticket and failed……..where my childhood friends lived (or where their parents still live)……..where I had my first car accident……..where I used to play 4-square and Red Rover with the neighbors………where I used to go sledding (and that one time when I went over a rock and thought I broke my butt)……the yard I used to cut through on my bike to get to the pool…..the pond where my father used to take me and my siblings fishing……

This lasted for 8 miles.  Yes!  The entire 8 miles I was having childhood flashbacks which made the run so incredibly easy.  Now if I can just apply that same concept to the half marathon.  Only problem, I don’t know the area.

And the best part?  (or a close 2nd) The amount of carbs I got to eat after.  Goodness gracious I love cereal!


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