Another 13.1

Only this time I will be rowing it. I need a challenge, a goal. Something to work towards. It’s not enough for me to workout because it does a body good, I feel like I have to aim for something. I really enjoyed training for the half marathon in June. It gave me structure every day. So when that half was over, I felt like something was missing.

This isn’t quite like me. At least it didn’t used to be. So I got to thinking about what changed. Makes perfect sense to me now.

First I got engaged. My goal was to fit into my dress.

Then I got pregnant. My goal was to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Then I had our beautiful happy healthy bundle of joy, B. My goal was to get all my pregnancy weight off by the time he turned one.

I actually beat that last goal by about 4 or 5 months. I got all my weight off by the time B was 6 months old or so. Once that happened, I decided to train for the half. Only reason was because it was something I could train for with B. (and also because Santa got me a Bob Jogger for Christmas)

With the half marathon over and done with, I actually felt a little lost. So thats when I decided to find another goal. Rowing a half marathon it is! It’s only 21,097 meters. Sheesh.

So I’m about 50% positive this thing is going to go down on October 9th around 8am.

No pictures today, sorry.

Until next time!

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