Ups and Downs are Inevitable

Good Lord what a week! Lots of ups and downs….it’s got me completely exhausted!  Week started out good; I had no conflicts and was able to get myself into the box every morning.  Still working on CrossFit Endurance with more focus on rowing rather than running.  I don’t have much patience for running right now.  Burn out?  Possibly.

The downside of all the endurance training is that even though I am still doing the WODs and lifting, I am getting much weaker. I am missing my lifting PRs by about 30#.  On one hand, I’m bummed about that but on the other hand, I’m faster and my endurance has improved quite a bit.  I did “Kelly” this week and beat my time by FIVE WHOLE MINUTES!

Run 400m
30 Box Jumps (20″)
30 Wall Balls (14″)

The last time I did “Kelly” was 4 years ago and I used a 16″ WB.  This is still a big improvement.

After going 3 straight days, I decided to have an active rest day yesterday.  And by “active rest” I mean a 10k row.  I managed to maintain a 2:24/500m pace for the first 8000m and by the last 1000m I was rowing at 1:55/500m pace.  Beat my last 10k by almost 2 minutes.  Came in at 46:23.  I had half a mind to throw in another 5k but decided against it.  That is the kind of thinking that gets me injured.  In about 2 weeks, I’ll try for 12k or 15k.

So while I was riding that high from my PRs (my “ups”), it was quickly shot down with a trip to the Audiologist (my “down”).

In July, I had surgery to fix my ruptured ear drum.  I could have left it alone but since I wear a hearing aid, I kept getting ear infections.  So, we decided to patch it up using a skin graft from the tragus of the same ear. Well long story short, it didn’t take.  Grrr!  When I went back in for my post-op, the hole was there, but in a different location. So basically, the graft popped off.  Doc wants me to come back in 2 months just to see if the eardrum heals itself any more but in the meantime told me to go about my normal lifestyle…even wearing my hearing aid again.

That’s when I got worse news.

I can’t hear anything.  I put my aid in and I got nothing.  Not even a peep.  My first reaction was that my hearing aid coincidently broke during those 7 weeks I wasn’t wearing it.  Shit, I wish!  So, I got another hearing test which confirmed that I have lost hearing from the surgery.  My Doc is baffled seeing how this surgery had nothing to do with my ability to hear however he thinks that the location of the hole is what is effecting my hearing even though I had a hole BEFORE the surgery.

So this is my “down” but we have a game plan; we are going to see where I stand in 2 months to decide if we should even fix the hole.  I don’t even want to think about it until then.

Which brings me back to my “up”……I have a GREAT support system, amazing family, loving husband, beautiful healthy happy baby boy, a good job, a roof over my head…I could go on forever.  Even though my ears and I have been at odds since I was a little girl, at least the rest of me works!

Ending this blog on a serious note…..

No We in Bacon

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