Taste buds

My sister actually had to inform me that toddlers have taste buds. It’s like I never even thought of it. Sad right?

Most don’t like to eat as I do and I don’t blame them. I really do enjoy eating small raw peppers. Have you ever? They are so sweet! Imagine my surprise when B went for one too! Oh joy! BUT he isn’t going for zucchini. I guess he had to draw the line somewhere.

The other day I was really in a funk and I can pinpoint exactly what caused it. I had received a bunch of medical bills in the mail from my recent ear surgery and trip to the Ortho for my “mommy wrist”. I was thinking to myself, “I am the healthiest person I know and I am going to the doctor more than anyone I know! It’s costing me THOUSANDS of dollars. What the crap?!”

And I do literally mean thousands.

I used to smoke and drink like a Marine, clubbing every night and drinking a large fountain Mr. Pibb everyday while starving myself to “look good”. And even then, I went to the doctor less than I do now.

So while I am not saying I’m going to go back drinking and smoking, I realized that I need to ease up a little bit and enjoy food a little bit more. Just because I don’t eat bread doesn’t mean B can’t. Just because I don’t buy cookies and muffins doesn’t mean B can’t have any. So, I have decided to learn how to bake!

My first project will be making break with coconut flour! (You didn’t expect me to use that white stuff did you?) Bought my first loaf pan yesterday and was ready to start last night when I came home to my SAH-WEET husband grilling dinner.

May I also add that this guy folds my unmentionables? I’ve hit the jackpot ladies!

Half marathon row training is going well. Still following CrossFit Endurance programing when I can. Haven’t been running too much since it has been extremely hot out there. So hot that the other day for the 1st time in 14 years I felt like I was having an asthma attack.

Cooled off enough yesterday for me to tackle a 15,000m row. Was able to stay around a 2:30/500m for most part of the row until the last 5000m when I sped it up a little bit. By the last 1000m I was ranging 2:10 – 1:57. Finished the 15,000m in 1:10.


28 days left!

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