Soups On!!

It’s that time of year again!  Got my sweatshirts out and pinteresting a ton of soup recipes that I want to try out.  But first, caldo verde.

I’ve had my eye on the chorizo for a better part of the end of summer.  Finally when I first saw my breath in the morning a week ago, I knew it was time.

My brother in law is Portuguese and his mother introduced us to this soup.  It is probably one of my most requested soups….other than my mom’s roasted eggplant soup, my brothers posole and a decent green chile.

My black bean soup is out of this world too.

Back to caldo verde.  It’s a very healthy broth based soup made with kale and chorizo and can easily be substituted with collard greens and any spicy sausage that you can find.  Honestly, if I cannot find chorizo, I don’t make this… I cannot vouch for any substitutions.

There is a nice simple recipe…but I added garlic and chili flakes when I sautéed the onion.

Thank me later. Now go cook!


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