Hurricane’s (kind)a-coming!

Hurricane on the way….hot coffee in hand…..son watching Sesame Street quietly next to me….I feel a post coming on!

Hurricane Joaquin

I realized yesterday that I have stopped posting my WODs. From a readers view, looks like I haven’t been doing anything lately. So far from true! In fact, yesterday I went to TWO different boxes to get my sweat on. I guess I can’t blame my son for having too much energy when clearly he gets it from me!

Bought myself an early birthday gift. Your going to laugh. A 20-punch card to another local box for the days that I cannot make my first one. Cue the eye roll. I’ve taken “gym rat” and “meat head” to a different level. Proud of it too!

At my box, I can only go at 8am. If I miss it then tough cookies. No other chance to come back. Since about February, I have come at 8am, worked out alone, then did CrossFit Endurance at 9am. (While the 9am class is running) This gets me the best workout and out the door faster to get to work. If I switch it around (Endurance at 8 and WOD at 9) not only am I guaranteed to be there until 10 but I don’t find the endurance training to be as effective.

So why the other Box? Like I said, if I don’t get there 8am, I can’t go at all. Well with this punch card I not only have the option for their 9am class but they also have a 330pm class. If I can get out of work fast enough, I can make that class and immediately pick up B from daycare.

Or even do a 2-a-day like I did yesterday.

This was my way of shooting down my “But I’m a mamma and don’t have time” excuse. I gave myself more options.

It was also my way of justifying the “but I don’t have any money” excuse. Because everyone needs a birthday present, right?

7 more days and I am rowing a half marathon on a Concept 2. I’m totally ready. I have rowed 15,000m twice at about 1:10. Add another 6,097m and we’ve got ourselves a half marathon! Just need to figure out which movie I will watch while I do this.

UPDATE on the coconut flour bread. It was a no-go. A no-friggen-way-go actually. It had a nice sweet taste to it but I couldn’t swallow it! I had to wash every bite I took down with water. Next up, a coconut flour bread that calls for over-ripe bananas.

But first I have to stop eating all the bananas.

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