This Row Ain’t For Sissies

Half marathon row is in the book!  All 21,097 meters.  That was something else.  Definitely wasn’t as hard as running a half; running it is more painful in my opinion. Rowing however is mentally daunting!  Think about it, you are sitting there by yourself (unless you have a crowd) and the scenery isn’t changing.  Make that worse by not being able to listen to music.  So I closed my eyes and sang to myself.  A little Garth Brooks did it for me.  Put me in a trance…..for a whole 3 minutes because then the song ended.

I started at a 2:35 pace and every 5000m I would try to drop by split about 5 seconds.  I had to back off countless times because I found that I wanted to go faster than I had planned for.  Finally when I was around 10,000m left, I was going faster than the 2:25 that I had planned on so I just kept at it. I was feeling good!  By the time I had 1000m left I was rowing at a 2:05 split then that last 500m was ALL OUT.

Holy sh*t, pardon my language, but that was so extremely hard!  I gave it my all and had nothing left in the tank. Seriously struggling to pull on the last 250m and couldn’t decide if I was going to cry or pass out.

I didn’t do either.  1:40.02 isn’t too shabby.  I’ll take it!


(Blurry picture = shaking arms)

Since I finished my row, I vowed to donate to Brothers In Arm Foundation who support the wounded and fallen Special Operations Marines and their families.  Got any spare change? Go donate, for the hell of it.  I promise you will feel good after you do!

And my next challenge is………not ready to be announced yet 🙂

It’ll be a good one, I promise.

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