Setting a Standard?

This is absolutely my favorite time of year to run.  The crisp fall air, the smell of leaves and the bright colors…..what’s not to like?


The smell of leaves is up there with a spring rain and wood burning in a firepit.  If it was a perfume, I’d wear it.

So as I was running it occurred to me that I am better shape now than before I had B.  (Although I don’t look it).  I’ve done 2 half marathons,  which I would have gotten no where close to doing before and I have 2 more endurance races being ironed out.

I figured out why. I was over training and under eating.

I thought I was doing everything right, but doesn’t everyone?  I thought I was doing myself good by working out 7 days a week and eating insane healthy.  Or what I thought was healthy.  Since having B, I have slacked off a little bit….I work out 4 days a week on average. I will admit, I wish all my rest days were active rest days, but they are not.  Not to say that I’m sitting on my behind all day when I don’t workout; that’s not the case.  If only housework, running errands and all the things that Mamma’s have to do was considered “active” rest.

I have also eased up on my food.  Not many actually enjoy snacking on raw pepper strips but to my surprise B does!  Younger me would make baked chicken with avocado and roasted brussels spouts but why would I want to torture my son like that.  I want B to enjoy food, as all kids should.  Heck, as EVERYONE should!

So the next time I start getting down on myself or start giving myself a hard time about the extra 5#, I’m going to look back on this and remember what it is I have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

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