“12 Days of Christmas”

Daycare was closed today….and more than half my team was off for the holidays so it was incredibly quiet at work.  B and I were getting restless and I was running out of ideas to do to keep him occupied.  He was outplayed with play dough.  Had enough Legos.  Wasn’t even slightly interested in his indoor trampoline.  Then it occurred to me to modify the “12 Days of Christmas” WOD that everyone and their grandmother was posting on IG and FB.

B and I giggled for the 30-something minutes it took me to do this.  Definitely would have gone faster if I wasn’t chasing him around. Heck, he made it more fun!  Granted, it was near impossible for me to do pushups when he flopped himself on my back but we were both laughing!

By the 10th,  I was sweating a bit harder than I had expected.  Will definitely do variations of this with B in the future.


For the ab mat situps, B was actually hugging me so those were a bit harder.  For the chair dips, he was elsewhere.  Pushups and the plank, he climbed on top of me, as expected.

*disclaimer – if you are going to be swinging a kettlebell around  your kids, BE CAREFUL!  If they are hugging your leg, put the KB down and do something else, like goblet squats.



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