No “adulting” today

I could learn a few things from my husband.  He is better and being a kid again than I am.  This morning after we opened all of our gifts, he took all the big boxes and made a 3-room fort for B.  So naturally, our son is more interested in the boxes than the actual gift.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I found my husband inside the fort tonight watching Netflix on his iPad.


So after the in-laws left, I wanted to try to get some quiet time.  Threw a sleeping bag and a Kindle inside the fort.  Got a good 20 minutes to myself only because that was how long the video was.  Drat!


Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! If you are anything like me right now, don’t eat ’til you are full; eat ’til you hate yourself.  Then deal with it tomorrow 🙂

Only half kidding.

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