App discovery worth sharing

Happy New Year!

It’s no secret that I detest drinking water.  Water made me gag when I was pregnant with B and I don’t think I really got over it.   I don’t drink nearly as much as I should…and I want to change that.

For Christmas my husband got me a Samsung Gear watch and somehow or another when I was playing around with it, I came across this app, Hydro Coach, that is supposed to help you drink more water.  I was hesitant at first but the app is free so thought, why the hell not?

I’m on day 6 of drinking more than my “required” daily amounts.  I’m impressed.


In the settings you set the approximate time that you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night.  You also add your weight, gender, activity level and the current weather in your area. Based on these criteria which determine the amount of water you should drink, the app will alert you throughout the day when you need to drink up.  As you can see on the screenshot, the blue is how much I have drank and the arrow is where I should be.  So in other words, I’m ahead of where I need to be.  If I don’t drink any more water, I will be notified in 4 hours, 54 minutes and 15 seconds that I need to drink 10 ounces to be where I need to be at that point in the day.

And it syncs with my Samsung watch 🙂

I like this so much more than hauling around that big “water bomb” jug that I made earlier.  Yeah it was cute but terribly annoying.

Bottoms up!



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