Fun in the sun…..briefly

Ahhhhhh……mommy (and B) just got back from a quick trip down to Miami to see my best friend and it also just so happened to be Wodapalooza.  This trip was a surprise for my BFF which is not something that I tend to do.  A plane ticket for a surprise trip?  A bit unnerving for me BUUUUUUT it was so worth it!  The look on her face when she saw us I’ll never forget!

Spent 3 days eating Cuban food, drinking incredibly strong coffee and espresso and taking in the sunshine.  Stopped by Wodapalooza and chatted with Christmas Abbott and may I say that she is a sweet woman, totally down to earth!  Boy was I nervous!  Felt like a kid again.  Of course I looked like a kid too wearing my oversized overalls.  Hey, don’t knock it.  They are comfy and keep me cool.  Could probably use a new pair seeing how I have had these since my junior year in high school.  (Let me remind you that I am now 37)

I tend to workout on vacation but depends on what I’m doing.  Honeymoon?  Nope.  Christmas in Florida?  Yes.  Surprise visit to Shai?  Maybe.  So ONE evening before we popped a bottle of wine, I convinced Shai do “99 Problems”.  She didn’t like me for about 30 minutes but got over it quickly.  After all, I flew all the way down there to surprise her!

Buy-in: 85 burpees (they were on day 16 of a burpee challenge)

“99 Problems”
99 air squats
88 abmat situps
77 good mornings with KB (it was a light one, can’t remember weight)
66 double unders
55 pushups
44 ball slams 20#
33 hang power clean 45# bar
22 push press 45# bar
11 I can’t remember!!!
1 burpee with an enthusiastic clap

This was done outside at nighttime so it was pretty nice.  It wasn’t too hot down there but we were having too much fun during the day.

So when I got home, I got right back into my gym routine.  My CrossFit membership is officially over.  I’ll admit, I’m worried that I will lose my cardio from those WODs. I am not a very good self motivator.  Yes I can get myself to the gym, but I can’t motivate myself to push hard when I’m the only one doing it.  Hopefully I will surprise myself and that will change.

So as you can see from the blurry picture below, I was tired.  HA!  Didn’t realize that until just now when I posted it.  Maybe I should wait a little before I take the picture.


I have been following The Outlaw Way programming for the most part.  Still having to modify some of the movements either because A) I can’t do it (muscle ups) or B) I have no place to do it (handstand push ups).

And, I’m out.  The laundry won’t fold itself!

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