A little bit of this and a sprinkle of that

Making an effort to post all my workouts so you don’t think I’m all talk!  Still following (and modifying) The Outlaw Way, as you see below, and sprinkled a little bit of CrossFit Endurance in there.  I actually cut it short because this whole thing took me about 90 minutes.   Too long.

I’m going to start setting a timer to see why in the heck my workouts are taking so long!  I’m stumped really.  To this day *knock on wood* I haven’t had to wait for a rack and I don’t stand around and shoot the shit or play on my phone.  I get in, lift and get out.  Boom.

Actually, I get in…………..lift……………..and get out.  Evidently.


If you follow the hype on social media you know that we are getting ready for Winter Storm Jonas.  I’m sure it’s not “hype” near DC but up here in New England I’m not reading into it.   Storm or not, you should always have a full fridge, stocked pantry, plenty of water and a tank full of gas.

My plan, and join if you want, is to wake up, look out the window, then plan my day.

Ahhhhh the simple life.

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One thought on “A little bit of this and a sprinkle of that

  1. jennifer sangster says:

    Love it

    Life is short.

    Forgive quickly.

    Love truly.

    Laugh uncontrollably,

    and never regret anything

    That made you smile.

    Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 10:25:45 +0000 To: sangster47@msn.com

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