Winter Storm, Food and Play-Do

With Winter Storm Jonas on the way, with any storm on the way for that matter, I always feel like cooking up a storm. (yes, pun intended)  Not that I thought we would get hit hard.  In fact, when all was said and done, we only got 3 inches.

Back to food.

I had everything I needed for this Thai cabbage and beef dish.  I have been craving Thai food lately so though, why not?  It turned out pretty good!

In this instance, I used about 5# of 80/20 beef, cumin instead of turmeric, onion instead of shallots and no peanuts.  (all spices were doubled)  I’d make it again.  Can’t say that B liked it but I didn’t expect him to.  He’s going through a picky eating stage.  I hope it doesn’t last long.  For this dish, I just put some in a bowl with avocado on top.   Simple and delicious.  Another version of a garbage plate I guess.

3 days later, it’s almost gone.


Like I said, I didn’t expect Jonas to hit us so I made my way to the gym.  Today I did my own programming because Outlaw hadn’t posted in a few days.  From one blogger to another, I completely understand.  🙂  It’s hard to keep up everyday.

Then my girl showed up so we did the last part of the WOD together.  Not for time though. She’s just getting back into it so if I push her too hard, I’ll never see her again!


One of B’s favorite toys right now is Play-Do.  Granted, he is mainly either throwing it across the room or eating it.  Which is why you will find me playing with him so he can learn just what exactly he is supposed to be doing.

As any fellow mother will agree, you need to pick your battles.  When we were leaving to head to the gym, B just had to take his play-do with him. I don’t prefer to bring his toys to any daycare because then we will never see them again.  On the flip side, he has a TON of it.  So instead of dealing with a meltdown when I took the play-do away, I just let him bring it with him.

Picking him up from daycare at the gym, I noticed this on the bottom of his shoe.  Play-Do. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is the worst!  Now I have to use a butter knife and an old toothbrush to clean it.  Not how I want to spend my evening.

Anyone have any tricks up their sleeve?


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